Privacy Policy

  1. The website collects automatically no information except cookies.
  2. Cookies are text files stored in a user’s terminal equipment. Cookies include the domain name, unique number and expiry date and are assigned for navigating the website.
  3. The website operator installs cookies in the user’s terminal equipment and gains access to their information.
  4. Cookies stored in the user’s web browser are collected by the website operator in order to:
  • adapt the website content to individual preferences of the user. First of all cookies recognize the user’s terminal equipment to personalize displaying of the website pages.
  • recognize users’ preferences and activities; that non-personal information enables suiting the website content and appearance to prevailing trends and page ranking.
  • enable logging in
  • keep the user logged in as he moves through other pages of the website.
  1. Both session and persistent cookies are used. Session cookies are temporary and are stored by the moment the website is left (when entering another website, logging out or shutting the browser). Persistent cookies are stored in the user’s terminal equipment till they are removed by the user or their time expires.
  2. To disable cookies the user may change the web browser settings. Browser settings enable deleting and managing of cookies. Accepting cookies is browser default setting.
  3. Modifications to browser settings may limit the user’s access to some website functions.
  4. Cookies stored in the user’s terminal equipment may be passed to third parties for marketing purposes.
  5. Information on browser settings may be found in the browser Help section or the supplier of the browse website.
  6. Detailed information on cookies is available in
  • www.ciasteczka.org
  • www.aboutcookies.org